The Wade College campus is located on the fourth floor of the INFOMART, at 1950 N. Stemmons Freeway, in the Market Center neighborhood between Oak Lawn and Interstate 35E near downtown, next door to the World Trade Center and Dallas Market Center. It is conveniently located near Dallas Love Field and DFW International Airport, and is easily accessible by car; rail, and public bus transportation.


The INFOMART is not only one of the largest buildings in Dallas (covering 1.6 million square feet), but one of the most distinctive - the building's design was modeled after The Crystal Palace, an architectural marvel erected in Hyde Park, London, in the 19th century, to house the Great Exhibition of 1851 - an exhibition of culture and industry.

The INFOMART offers a vast array of amenities and services, such as:

  • Fitness center
  • Cafe
  • Convenience store
  • Meeting & event spaces
  • 24/7 security guards and identification-required access

Documents relating to accreditation, approval, and licensing may be reviewed upon written request to the Office of the President.


The college, its administrative officers, and faculty hold numerous professional affiliations. For a list of current affiliations, please contact the Office of the President.

Wade College Campus

Wade College's main campus occupies approximately 16,000 square feet in the INFOMART, housing the institution's classrooms, laboratories, administrative and faculty offices, storage rooms, and library. The following is a description of Suite 4080 that the institution currently operates as a part of the learning environment and execution of its mission, programs, and services.

Lecture Rooms

All classrooms and laboratories provide state-of-the-art technology, including workstations and/or Apple iMacs, walltalker dry-erase wall coverings, ceiling or wall-mounted PTZ cameras that catch both the whiteboard and presenter and Panasonic projectors with audio output connected to the OFE in-ceiling amplifier and ceiling-mounted speakers, and wireless microphone systems. Technology also includes Lumens video processors with dedicated Dell monitor and keyboard/mouse combo kits, Gooseneck document cameras connected to the Lumens video processors to enable sharing of hard documents, models, etc, desktops connected to the Lumens video processors to allow for content sharing.

Art Laboratory

  • The art lab contains Walltalker dry-erase wall coverings, an Apple iMac for faculty use and demonstration and creative supplies for all offered art classes
  • This space primarily holds art classes; however, lecture classes and social events are also offered within this lab
  • The art lab is available for student use when art classes aren't in session

Computer Laboratory

  • The tech lab contains PCs equipped with all required student technologies offered in classes including, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk, etc.
  • The room provides state-of-the-art technology, including Walltalker dry-erase wall coverings, and DSLR cameras for pattern making through Gemini software
  • The classroom is available for student use throughout the day, evening, and weekend hours

Graphic Design Laboratory

  • The lab contains Apple iMacs equipped with all necessary student softwares including Adobe Creative Suite
  • Courses held in the lab include web design and graphic design topics including Vector Graphics, Typography, and Desktop Publishing
  • The laboratory is available for student use throughout the day and evening hours

Interior Design Laboratory

  • Courses held in the laboratory include major interior design classes that focus on hand drafting and presentation
  • All student workstations are architectural drafting tables with top angle adjustment up to 40 degrees
  • The laboratory also contains a materials library with textiles and hard goods including tile, flooring, hardware and paint samples
  • Available for student use throughout the day, evening, and weekend hours


  • Physical collection of over 6000 publications, and 150 periodical subscriptions
  • Extensive access to databases and online resources to enhance student learning outcomes
  • Workstations with both PCs and Macs equipped with essential student software
  • Ample space to work on projects or meet with classmates

Other Amenities on Campus

  • Student access to software (Adobe, Office, Gemini, Autodesk, etc.)
  • High-speed internet access for the entire campus, including fiber optic cable for campus desktops and wireless access for students
  • Plotter printers for larger printing capabilities up to 36 inches
  • Color printers, scanners
  • High-speed internet access is available throughout campus on all student computers and personal devices
  • Recreation facilities offered to students which are off-campus but still within the INFOMART building
  • Free parking facilities

Additional areas throughout the INFOMART and World Trade Center

These areas have been used for student lounge areas, student orientations, student exhibits or shows, professional portfolio critiques, fashion shows, large assemblies, presentations by special guest lecturers, alumni reunions, and commencement ceremonies.