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Academic Advising

The Academic Advising Program is designed to help enhance students’ experiences at Wade College by providing academic support throughout the program. Academic Advisors are available to provide resources, key information, and guidance to assist in degree completion. The President, Executive Vice-President, and Director of Academic and Student Affairs serve as Academic Advisors. Students may meet with Academic Advisors to discuss scheduling, curriculum, grades, college policies, and other college-related issues.

Adding/Dropping Courses

In any trimester, the last official day to make schedule changes, including adding or dropping a class, is the eighth (8th) day after the trimester’s official start date (see “Academic Calendar”).  Schedule changes must be completed by 5 p.m. on the deadline dates specified in the “Academic Calendar.” 

Students who wish to add or drop a course after registration, but prior to the add/drop period deadline, must complete an official Add/Drop Form in the Office of the Director of Academic and Student Affairs.  There is no fee or grade associated with this procedure if done during the add/drop period.  No course(s) may be added after the deadline date specified in the “Academic Calendar.”

Courses that are dropped after the add/drop period, but prior to the end of the tenth (10th) week of the trimester, will result in a grade of W.  Courses dropped after the tenth (10th) week will result in the grade of WF.

While every effort is made by the Office of the Director of Academic and Student Affairs to assist a student in planning his or her schedule, it is the student’s responsibility to know course sequence, course requirements, and prerequisites as listed in the Wade College Catalog.

A student who is enrolled in a college preparation course may not drop such course without approval from the Director of Academic and Student Affairs.

International students and students receiving financial aid or veteran’s assistance should notify the Financial Services Department before dropping any class to learn how it will affect current or future financial aid eligibility.

Tuition Adjustments

During the add/drop period, students may drop a course they have attended without being charged for the course, provided withdrawing from that course does not constitute withdrawing from the college in which case the withdrawal policy will apply; however, students will be assessed the institutional costs for any textbooks (electronic or print) and supplies that the student received for the dropped course(s). 

A tuition adjustment results when a student officially changes enrollment status (full-time to part-time, part-time to full-time, or part-time to less than part-time) during the add/drop period.  Adjustments will not be made for students dropping individual courses after the add/drop period.

The student is responsible at all times for knowing his or her scholastic standing and for fulfilling all requirements of the college by referring to published academic policies, regulations, and standards and by consulting with the appropriate Academic Advisors.  It is the student’s responsibility to ascertain and meet course requirements, prerequisite requirements, graduation requirements, appropriate course sequencing, and any other applicable academic requirements.

The degree audit is an official document prepared in the Office of the Director of Academic and Student Affairs.  It lists all courses completed, courses not completed, transfer credit awarded, and all other requirements for degree completion.

Students may access their degree audit via the student management system: Campus Cafe.

Supplemental Education

College Preparation Courses
To assess student needs in the areas of mathematics and written communication skills, all students are required to take placement exams via the College Board’s ACCUPLACER exams; such exams will assess the skills and abilities of students to determine whether they should be placed in either or both of  the college preparation courses offered at Wade College.  Upon acceptance and enrollment, but prior to registering for classes, all students will sit for the two placement exams—administered on campus and overseen by college administration.  The student will be required to schedule an appointment for testing with the Office of Admissions upon enrollment. 

All students who score below a predetermined benchmark score on the College Board’s ACCUPLACER placement exams will be placed in DMAT 0075 Fundamentals of Mathematics and/or DCOM 0095 Fundamentals of Composition, as appropriate. College preparation courses in mathematics and English composition will serve as prerequisites for the college-level courses: MATH 1332 Contemporary Mathematics I and ENGL 1301 Composition I courses, respectively; consequently, successful completion of mandated preparation courses is required for those students whose placement scores determine need.

Supplemental Instruction Laboratories
The supplemental instruction program at Wade College provides students regularly scheduled laboratory instruction linked to all of the institution’s mathematics and English composition courses—including both the college preparation and the college-level courses—to supplement the information and skills taught in those courses. 

The laboratory instruction are led by subject-matter specialists (Wade College professors).  As opposed to the lecture format that is used to present course concepts in the college preparation courses and college-level courses, the mathematics and writing laboratories will emphasize one-on-one student assistance in the respective areas with the professor acting as a facilitator, providing assistance when necessary.  Students will be able to work individually through course concepts provided by assignments, workbooks, or course-specific computer software.

Wade College Library

The Wade College Library, located conveniently on campus, provides an attractive atmosphere for study, research, recreational reading, and listening and viewing educational materials.

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