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Program Description
(These programs are pending approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges)

The Associate of Science in Information Technology is designed to provide students with the technological literacy, professional oral and verbal communication skills, critical thinking and business acumen, and quantitative reasoning capabilities to allow them to obtain entry level roles as technicians, analysts, and specialists in various industries.

In line with other degree programs offered by the college, the Associate of Science in Information Technology offers students a general education foundation including courses in communication, composition, contemporary mathematics, psychology, art appreciation and business computer applications. Additionally, the program includes a business core component of business principles, business law, management, and marketing, ensuring students have a firm knowledge of the business environments in which their technology skills will be applied.

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology encompasses and builds on the general education, business, and technology requirements of the associates program, adding curriculum in IT business administration; project management; design infrastructure; systems analysis; implementation and deployment; and organizational support. The general education requirements include advanced coursework in composition, mathematics, public speaking, art appreciation, and psychology. Core business requirements expand on the associate level curriculum with classes in accounting, global business, and branding.

Curriculum is delivered through the use of online lab simulations, hands-on interaction with industry standard hardware, and real-world course projects. As graduates of the Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, students will demonstrate the digital fluency, critical thinking, collaboration skills, ethics, and professionalism necessary to succeed in the information technology field.

Tuition rates include all necessary course materials, which may include, but not limited to, a laptop, exam certifications, textbooks, e-books, supplies, and printing costs necessary to meet minimum course requirements. Tuition rates do not include: the costs of a registration, application, and graduation fees; or costs for fees required for participating in optional extracurricular activities, such as student organizations and activities.

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General Education
ASARTS 1301Art Appreciation
AS BCIS 1305Business Computer Applications
AS ENGL 1301Composition I
ASMATH 1332Math for Liberal Arts I
AS PSYC 2301Psychology I
AS SPCH 1311Introduction to Communication
BSARTS 1303Art Appreciation II
BSCOMM 2315Public Speaking
BS ENGL 1302Composition II
BSMATH 1333Math for Liberal Arts II
BSPSYC 2303Psychology II
ASBUSI 1301Business Principles
AS BUSI 2301Business Law I
AS MGMT 2370Principles of Management
AS MRKT 2370Principles of Marketing
BSACCT 2301Principles of Accounting
BS BUSI 2302Business Law II
BS BUSI 2377Global Business
BS MRKT 2377Branding
ASSUCC 0095Introduction to Wade College
AS ITSC 2364Information Technology Practicum / Field Experience
BSITSC 2365Information Technology Practicum / Field Experience
Information Technology
ASITNW 1351Fundamentals of Wireless LANs
AS ITNW 1354Implementing and Supporting Servers
AS ITNW 1358Network +
AS ITNW 2312Routing
AS ITNW 2353Advanced Routing & Switching
AS ITSC 1305Personal Computer Operating Systems
AS ITSC 1316Linux Installation & Configuration
AS ITSC 1325Personal Computer Hardware
AS ITSY 1300Fundamentals of Information Security
BSBMGT 1021Introduction to Project Management
BS BMGT 2030Advanced Project Management
BS GRPH 2377Web Design Basics
BS ITNW 1313Computer Virtualization
BS ITNW 1340Desktop Virtualization
BS ITNW 2305Network Administration
BS ITNW 2355Server Virtualization
BS ITSC 2325Advanced Linux
BS ITSC 2339Personal Computer Help Desk Support
BS ITSC 2346Computer Center Management
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