Fashion Design Interior Design Graphic Design Merchandise Marketing BA Fashion Design BA Interior Design BA Visual Communication BA Merchandise Management


Wade College is a student-centered institution, focused on challenging and nurturing each student to reach his or her utmost potential. As President, I am convinced the collaborative efforts of the Board of Trustees, administration, and faculty have created a program of study that rigorously and innovatively combines the merchandising and design fields.


Students of Wade College learn to recognize excellence in design and to have critical understanding of how art and design interact within the broader context of the business, marketing, merchandising, and design industries. This particular blending makes Wade College unique. The college's faculty, many of whom are working professionals in the merchandising and design fields, bring considerable expertise to the college's studios and classrooms. Challenging and encouraging, these professors instill students with the skills and judgment necessary to become outstanding contributors to their respective creative fields. Faculty credentials and commitment, the small, close-knit feeling of the college, combined with its use of technology and ease of availability to students, provide our diverse student body with remarkable instruction.


We invite you to become a part of this dynamic fellowship. We are dedicated to helping you fulfill your dreams and to giving you the attention you seek.


Warm Regards,

Harry Davros