Policies & Procedures



Borrowing books: Current Wade students and staff are eligible to borrow books. Students may borrow a maximum of three items at one time. Books may be kept for up to two weeks. Magazines, reference books, and reserves do not check out.


Renewals: May be made only if the book is brought in at the time of renewal. Books may be renewed another two weeks if there are no holds.


Fines: The fine for an overdue book is $0.25 per day for a circulating book, $1.00 per day for a textbook, and $5.00 per day for a sewing kit and software. The overdue cost can accumulate quickly, so return your book on time!


Lost Books: A lost book fee is based on the current replacement cost, plus a $10.00 processing fee.


Where to return books: Return books to the Wade College librarian. Please do not return books to another library. The books may become lost, and you will be charged replacement fees.


Remember: Borrowing privileges of students with overdue books or unpaid fines may be suspended. All outstanding fines must be paid in full by the close of each trimester, or grades will be withheld in addition to borrowing privileges being suspended. You cannot graduate or receive transcripts with unpaid fines or fees.


Textbook Checkout:  Current trimester textbooks are available for checkout on a temporary basis only. The textbooks may be used during class, but must be returned immediately afterward to the library. These special books are shelved separately from the general collection. Ask the librarian when you need to borrow a textbook.


WADE COLLEGE LIBRARY USER AGREEMENT: Click here to see the most current version of the ageement and policies.