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The library receives new books on a regular basis. Visit the New Arrivals area of the library to see our most recent acquisitions. Some of our newest titles are listed below -- come check them out! 




 Call Number 

 Author's Name 


152.145 SHA 

Sharpe, Deborah

The psychology of color and design 

153.35 VON 

Von Oech, Roger. 

A whack on the side of the head : how to unlock your mind for innovation 

158.7 LOE 

Loehr, James E. 

Stress for success 

174.4 PRI 

Pritchett, Price. 

The ethics of excellence 

303.3 MIT 

Mitchell, Arnold. 

The nine American lifestyles : who we are and where we're going 

304.2 MCH 

McHarg, Ian L. 

Design with nature 

306.42 NAY 

Nayak, P. R


330.972 CHA 

Chamberlain, J

The enterprising Americans : a business history of the United States 

332.6 RUK 

Rukeyser, Louis. 

Louis Rukeyser's book of lists : the best, the worst, the funniest from the . . . . 

332.67 PRE 

Prestbo, John A., 

The Wall Street journal book of international investing : everything you need to know about investing in foreign markets 

332.7 BIE 

Bierman, Todd. 

The fix your credit workbook : a step-by-step guide to a lifetime of great credit 

337 LON 

Longworth, R

Global squeeze : the coming crisis for first-world nations 

338.4775 REI v.1 

Reitlinger, Gerald, 

The economics of taste : the rise and fall of the picture market 17600 - 1960 

338.4775 REI v.2 

Reitlinger, Gerald, 

The economics of taste : the rise and fall of the objets d'art market since 1750 

338.7 JAB 

Jabs, Jake. 

An American tiger : an autobiography 

338.7 MOR 

Morita, Akio, 

Made in Japan : Akio Morita and Sony 

339.4 NAT 

Natl Retail Merc Ass

The buyer's manual. 

344.73 KRA 

Krasnow, Erwin G. 

100 ways to cut legal fees & manage your lawyer 

346.73 DIC 

Dicks, J. W. 

The small business legal kit 

346.7306 JEN 

Jenkins, Michael D. 

Starting and operating a business in Texas 

346.764 DIC 

Dicks, J. W. 

How to incorporate and start a business in Texas 

391.009 HIS 


History of world costume and fashion 

395.52 GRA 

Grant-Sokolosky, V

The Little Instruction Book of Business Etiquette : a Bite-Size, User-Friendly Guide . . . . 

423.1 GLO 


Glossary of even more misused words & phrases : your desktop guide to using . . . . 

510 AKS 

Akst, Geoffrey. 

Basic college mathematics through applications 

510 ANG 

Angel, Allen R., 

A survey of mathematics with applications 

510 BLI 2011 

Blitzer, Robert. 

Thinking mathematically 

510 SLA 2012 

Tobey, John, 

Basic college mathematics 

519.5 DOW 

Downing, Douglas. 

Business statistics 

610.3 DOR 

Dorland, W. A.

Dorland's Illustrated medical dictionary. 

621.38 MAZ 

Mazzurco, Philip. 

The media design book : ideas and projects for audio, video, and computer . . . . 

643.3 GER 

Germer, Jerry, 

Kitchen & bath systems : mechanical, electrical, plumbing 

643.7 HAM 

Hamilton, Katie. 

Do it yourself-- or not? 

643.7 WIN 

Wing, Charles, 

How your house works : a visual guide to understanding & maintaining your home 

644 HAY 

Hayes, Alan. 

It's so natural : house book 

645.03 HOF 

Hoffman, e

Fairchild's dictionary of home furnishings; . . . . 

646.21 LIB 


The Liberty home : distinctive sewing projects from classic Liberty fabrics 

646.32 MAY 

Maysonave, Sherry. 

Casual power : how to power up your nonverbal communication and dress down for success 

646.407 JOS 


Draping for apparel design 

648.7 PUG 

Pugliese, Michael A. 

The homeowner's guide to mold 

650.1 BAG 

Baggett, Byrd. 

The complete book of business success 

650.1 CAM 

Campbell, Colin, 

Jobscape : career survival in the new global economy 

650.1 PER 

Perry, J. Mitchell, 

In the zone : achieving optimal performance in business-- as in sports 

650.1 PIN 

Pinskey, Raleigh. 

101 ways to promote yourself 

650.1 PRI 

Pritchett, Price. 

You2 : a high-velocity formula for multiplying your personal effectiveness in quantum leaps 

650.1 VEN 

Ventrella, Scott W. 

The power of positive thinking in business : ten traits for maximum results 

650.1082 GEO 

George, Judy. 

The intuitive businesswoman : achieve success through the power of your personality 

650.14082 SMI 

Smith, Patricia. 

Each of us : how every woman can earn more money in corporate America 

651.29 KRE 

Kremer, John, 

Mail order selling made easier : a step-by-step guide to organizing and carrying out . . . . 

651.3 FUN 

Fungaroli, Carole S. 

The slam and scream : and other powerful strategies and great career moves for secretaries . . . .

657.3 TRA 

Tracy, John A. 

How to read a financial report : wringing vital signs out of the numbers 

657.91 FOX 

Fox, Jack. 

Accounting and recordkeeping made easy for the self-employed 

658 BLA 

Blanchard, Kenneth

Putting the one minute manager to work 

658 MES 

Mescon, Michael H. 

Memos from to management : there's nothing wrong with serving a lousy cup of coffee if-- 

658 TOW 

Townsend, Robert, 

Up the organization : how to stop the corporation from stifling people and strangling profits. 

658.0019 GEL 

Gellerman, Saul W. 

Management by motivation 

658.00973 ALB 

Albrecht, Karl, 

Service America! : doing business in the new economy 

658.022 RYE 

Rye, David E. 

Adams how to start and operate a successful business : winning the entrepreneurial games 

658.022 WOR 

Wortman, Leon A. 

Successful small business management 

658.041 HEN 

Henry, Maxye. 

Home business sourcebook : everything you need to know about starting and running . . . . 

658.049 PEN 2011 

Peng, Mike W., 

Global business 

658.049 PEN c.2 

Peng, Mike W., 


658.11 MAR 2013 

Mariotti, Steve, 

Entrepreneurship : starting and operating a small business 

658.11 RYE 

Rye, David E. 

Winning the entrepreneur's game : how to start, operate, and be successful . . . . 

658.11 SCH 

Schell, Jim. 

The brass tacks entrepreneur 

658.15 SCH 

Schimel, Barry R., 

The profit game : how to play-how to win 

658.151 TYR 

Tyran, Michael R. 

The vest pocket guide to business ratios 

658.155 FIF 

Fifer, Robert M. 

Double your profits in 6 months or less 

658.3 DEN c.1 

DeNisi, Angelo S. 


658.3 ELA 

Elashmawi, Farid. 

Multicultural management 2000 : essential cultural insights for global business success 

658.3 SIM 

Simons, George F. 

Transcultural leadership : empowering the diverse workforce 

658.314 BLA 

Blanchard, Kenneth

Gung ho! 

658.314 CLA 

Clark, Charles H

Idea management : how to motivate creativity and innovation 

658.314 GAR 

Garfield, Charles A. 

Peak performers : the new heroes of American business 

658.4 ARA 

Araoz, Daniel L., 

Reengineering yourself : a blueprint for personal success in the new corporate culture 

658.4 BLO 

Block, Peter. 

The empowered manager : positive political skills at work 

658.4 CRI 

Cribbin, James J. 

Effective managerial leadership 

658.4 GLA 

Glasser, William, 

The control theory manager : combining the control theory of William Glasser . . . . 

658.4 HUM 

Humble, John W

How to manage by objectives 

658.4 KOC 

Koch, Richard, 

Managing without management : a post-management manifesto for business simplicity 

658.4 MOS 

Mosvick, Roger K. 

We've got to start meeting like this : a guide to successful meeting management 

658.4 PET 

Peters, Thomas J. 

A passion for excellence : the leadership difference 

658.4012 BRA 

Bradway, Bruce M. 

Developing the business plan for a small business 

658.402 PRI 

Pritchett, Price. 

The team member handbook for teamwork 

658.406 PRI 

Pritchett, Price. 

Business as unusual : the handbook for managing and supervising organizational change 

658.406 PRI 

Pritchett, Price. 

The employee handbook for organizational change 

658.407 DIN 

Dinsmore, Francis

Developing tomorrow's managers today 

658.4092 FAR 

Farkas, Charles M. 

Maximum leadership : the world's leading CEOs share their five strategies for success 

658.42 WEL 

Welsh, John A., 

The entrepreneur's master planning guide : how to launch a successful business 

658.421 KIA 

Kiam, Victor. 

Going for it! : how to succeed as an entrepreneur 

658.421 LON 

Lonier, Terri. 

Working solo : the real guide to freedom & financial success with your own business 

658.5 GRO 

Gross, Clifford M. 

The right fit : the power of ergonomics as a competitive strategy 

658.8 DOB 

Dobkin, Jeffrey. 

UNcommon marketing techniques 

658.8 HIA 

Hiam, Alexander. 

The vest-pocket marketer 

658.802 OTT 

Ottman, Jacquelyn

Green marketing : opportunity for innovation 

658.812 BLA 

Blanchard, Kenneth

Raving fans : a revolutionary approach to customer service 

658.812 DES 

Desatnick, Robert

Managing to keep the customer : how to achieve and maintain superior customer service throughout the organization 

658.812 PRI 

Pritchett, Price. 

Service excellence! 

658.812 REA 


Real-world customer service strategies that work. 

658.812 TIM 

Timm, Paul R. 

50 powerful ideas you can use to keep your customers 

658.834 BRI 

Britt, Steuart H

Consumer behavior in theory and in action 

658.8342 BAB c.1 

Babin, Barry J. 


658.84 WUN 

Wunderman, Lester. 

Being direct : making advertising pay 

658.85 ANT 

Anthony, Ray. 

High octane selling : boost your creative power to close more sales 

658.85 CAN 

Canfield, Bertrand

Salesmanship; : practices and problems. 

658.85 HOP 

Hopkins, Tom. 

How to master the art of selling 

658.85 LAW 

Lawhon, John F. 

Selling retail 

658.85 LAW 

Lawhon, John F. 

The selling bible : for people in the business of selling 

658.85 SEL 


Selling for keeps. 

658.87 LEH 

Lehmann, Joseph

Merchandising home goods; : a reference and textbook for home furnishings store buyers. . . . 

658.87 SEG 

Segel, Rick. 

Retail business kit for dummies 

658.87 TAY 

Taylor, Don 

Up against the Wal-Marts : how your business can prosper in the shadow of the retail giants 

658.87 WEL 

Wells, Robert. 

Your retail store : an owner's manual, A-Z 

659.13 LAR 

Larsen, Sonja. 

Signs that sell : the handbook of successful merchandise signing 

659.15 ABR 

Abramson, Susan. 

Shops & boutiques 2000 : designer stores and brand imagery 

659.19 LEH 

Lehmann, Joseph N. 

Promotion of home goods: advertising, display, miscellaneous promotional acitvities, 

677 KAD 

Kadolph, Sara J. 

Textiles : basics 

684.1 BEN 

Bennington, Richard

Furniture marketing : from product development to distribution 

684.1 KID 


Kids' furnishings : basic wood projects with portable power tools. 

684.1 PRO 

Proulx, Danny, 

How to build classic garden furniture 

684.12 DAL 

Dal Fabbro, Mario, 

Upholstered furniture : design and construction. 

686.2 BAI 2002 

Baines, Phil, 

Type & typography 

686.2 HUR 

Hurlburt, Allen, 

Publication design : a guide to page layout, typography, format, and style 

686.224 LEM v.2 

Lem, Dean Phillip, 

Graphics master 2 : [a workbook of planning aids, reference guides, and graphic tools . . . . 

686.224 WHI 

White, Jan V., 

Graphic idea notebook : inventive techniques for designing printed pages 

687 KEI 2012 

Keiser, Sandra J. 

Beyond design : the synergy of apparel product development 

690.15 JEN 

Jensen, Tom. 

Skylights : the definitive guide to planning, installing, and maintaining skylights and . . . . 

701.8 FRA 

Frank, Patrick, 

Prebles' artforms : an introduction to the visual arts 

701.85 DES v.1 &2


Designer's guide to color 

707.4 CRY 


The Crystal Palace Exhibition; illustrated catalogue, London 1851. 

708.4 SEF 


500 chefs-d'oeuvre du Louvre = : 500 Louvre masterpieces 

709 SAY 2013 

Sayre, Henry M., 

A world of art 

709.44 DET 

Detroit Inst of Arts. 

The Dodge collection of eighteenth-century French and English art in the Detroit Inst of Arts 

712.094 STE 

Steenbergen, C. 

Architecture and landscape : the design experiment of the great European . . . . 

712.6 BRE 

Breskend, Jean

Backyard design : making the most of the space around your house 

712.6 STE 

Stevens, David, 

Garden features and ornament 

712.6 VER 

Verey, Rosemary. 

Rosemary Verey's English country gardens. 

717 FEN 


Fences & gates 

717 KYL 

Kylloe, Ralph R. 

Rustic garden architecture 

720.1 BYA 

Byard, Paul Spencer. 

The architecture of additions : design and regulation 

720.1 NOR 

Norberg-Schulz, C

Genius loci : towards a phenomenology of architecture 

720.103 WHI 

Whitaker, Craig. 

Architecture and the American dream 

720.22 DID 


The architectural plates from the "Encyclopédie" 

720.47 COT 

Cottom-Winslow, Margaret. 

Environmental design : architecture and technology 

720.688 STA 

Stasiowski, Frank, 

Negotiating higher design fees 

720.82 FRI 

Friedman, Alice T. 

Women and the making of the modern house : a social and architectural history 

720.9182 ZEL 

Zellner, Peter. 

Pacific edge : contemporary architecture on the Pacific Rim 

720.92 COP 

Copplestone, T

Frank Lloyd Wright 

720.92 GOO 

Goodwin, Godfrey, 

Sinan : Ottoman architecture and its values today 

720.92 HER 

Hernandez, Jo Farb. 

A.G. Rizzoli : architect of magnificent visions 

720.92 NES 

Nesmith, Eleanor L

Rebecca L. Binder 

720.92 PAW 

Pawley, Martin. 

Norman Foster : a global architecture 

720.92 SCH 

Schildt, Göran, 

Alvar Aalto : masterworks 

720.9485 CAL 

Caldenby, Claes, 

Arkitektur i Sverige 1995-99 = : Architecture in Sweden 1995-99 

720.95 FRA 

Frampton, Kenneth. 

Japanese building practice : from ancient times to the Meiji period 

720.972 EAR 

Early, James, 

The colonial architecture of Mexico 

721.044 GAY 

Gayle, Margot. 

Cast-iron architecture in America : the significance of James Bogardus 

721.044 MCH 

McHenry, Paul G

The Adobe story : a global treasure 

721.04422 BOU 

Bourgeois, Jean

Spectacular vernacular : the adobe tradition 

721.832 SPE 

Spens, Michael. 


722.91 PRO 

Proskouriakoff, T

An album of Maya architecture 

724.3 MAS 

Massey, James C. 

Gothic revival 

724.5 GRE 

Greiff, Constance M. 

Early Victorian 

724.6 ASE 

Asensio Cerver, F

Arata Isozaki, Legorreta Arquitectos, Jean Nouvel, Steven Holl