BA - Interior Design

Interior design students are presented with issues pertaining to context, aesthetics, and social responsibility.  The curriculum focuses on design theory and practices with emphasis in construction and innovative technology. 

Students develop diverse skills such as critical thinking, professional procedures, business practices, and communication skills that include verbal, written, and visual formats.  Students learn how to problem solve using the design process by applying their knowledge of interior design principles, elements, theories, history, and methodology to analyze a client profile and project program.  Building systems are defined to produce design solutions with an understanding of sustainability, codes, environmental issues, and regulatory compliance. 

In addition, Wade College is dedicated to transforming students into professionals who have the ability to design quality interior environments that contribute to the safety and well-being of inhabitants, while incorporating a concern for the environment and society at large.

The baccalaureate-level program allows for a more comprehensive study of critical topics including; lighting design, sustainability, construction methodology, professional practice, color, and environmental systems.  The program provides an increased exposure to critical design topics which face the interior design profession today.

The interior design concentration is seeking candidacy from the Council of Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) under Professional Standards 2014.  A site visit was conducted November 22-25, 2014; in March 2015, CIDA granted Wade College candidacy status. "Candidacy status is recognition of the quality of academic programs in development. CIDA’s Accreditation Commission awards candidacy status to programs to signify that CIDA has determined the program is progressing towards CIDA accreditation and has the potential to achieve compliance with CIDA Standards within five years. Candidacy status does not indicate that a program is accredited, nor does it guarantee eventual accreditation of that program by CIDA." (

Per CIDA standards, the following information is provided:

Retention rate for baccalaureate level interior design students is 100%.
Graduation rate for baccalaureate level interior design students is 100%; the first class to graduate was in January 2015.
Acceptance rate for baccalaureate level interior design students into graduate programs is 0%; no graduate has applied to a graduate program.
Job placement rate for baccalaureate level interior design students is 100%.

Below is an example of a degree plan for the Interior Design Concentration.

Concentration in Interior Design [Sample Degree Plan]

First Trimester(15 credits)
ARTS 2303Art Appreciation II
ARTS 1317Drawing II or,
INTD 2370Lighting Design
INTD 2374Interior Design Studio III
MATH 1333Math for Liberal Arts II
MRKT 2377Branding
Second Trimester(15 credits)
ARTS 1312Design II or,
INTD 2370Lighting Design
ARTS 2376Photographic Applications or,
ARTS 2377Vector Graphics
BUSI 2302Business Law II
ENGL 1302Composition II
INTD 2372Topics in Interior Design
Third Trimester(15 credits)
ACCT 2301Principles of Accounting
COMM 2315Public Speaking
INTD 2376Interior Design Studio IV
INTD 3370Interior Design Professional Practice
INTD 3371Construction and Detailing for Interior Design
Fourth Trimester(15 credits)
BUSI 2377Global Business
INTD 2378Interior Design Studio V
INTD 3372Environmental Systems and Controls
INTD 3373Human Factors and Ergonomics
PSYC 2303Psychology II
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