Staying Informed

As the student progresses, a Statement of Account is provided to each student when actual financial assistance disbursements are received and institutional charges become known. The student has the right to cancel the current trimester’s loans or the loan disbursements, in whole or in part, by notifying the Office of the President of Wade College in writing within 30 days of the receipt of the Statement of Account.

The college is sensitive to the unforeseen circumstances that can affect a student's ability to meet financial commitments. Consequently, the staff offers planning services to all students. Any student who has incurred or anticipates a financial problem is encouraged to meet with the Financial Services Department Financial Services Department and receive consulting assistance as needed to assure his or her ability to complete the program.

Financial assistance processing and planning takes time; consequently, if a student’s federal financial aid applications and forms have been properly submitted, the college will apply anticipated aid receipts to the student’s Statement of Account.  This allows the student to register for and begin classes on time by deferring costs covered by federal financial aid until the aid is received. To expedite the federal financial aid process, the student should apply online whenever possible. Additionally, the student must reapply each academic year to reestablish his or her eligibility for federal financial aid.

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