All Inclusive Tuition

What is all-inclusive tuition?

At Wade College, we believe every student who is interested in a career should be able to afford an education in our fields of study. With most colleges, that mission stops with tuition. Once the student is in the classroom, he or she has to figure out how to afford the many educational demands placed on them from textbooks to electronics to the supplies necessary to be able to complete required projects for classes.

At Wade College, our all-inclusive tuition covers all of the necessary materials to be successful in our programs. Every textbook or electronic book that a student would need in a course is covered. College textbooks today can spiral upwards of $250 to $500 per title.  This cost is covered as is the electronic tablet needed to read these e-books or to participate in web-based classroom exercises.

Every supply in a studio art course, fashion, interior, or visual communication design course is covered for our students. At a retail art supply store, a student can easily spend over $250 on art materials or interior design drafting materials for a single course.

Every piece of fabric from muslin to end-use fabric is covered for our fashion design students. Students in a course that requires three or four completed garments can easily spend over $200 on yards of fabric. This cost is covered for our students.

Certification exams are covered for our information technology students (additional policies apply; please contact the Office of Admissions for more information).

We believe a properly equipped student is a student who is set up to succeed in the classroom. We believe eliminating some of the financial and time burden associated with the required educational materials of college reduces unnecessary stress on our students.

And not only is the competitive tuition rate all-inclusive, but it is also fixed during a student’s normal time for completion. This means that a family can confidently plan, financially, for the student to be enrolled at Wade College at the same, guaranteed tuition rate regardless of whether the institution experiences a tuition increase (additional policies apply; please contact the Office of Financial Services for more information).

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