Educational Costs

Institutional Charges

Tuition rates are assessed on a per credit-hour basis, except for college preparation courses which are assessed on a flat-rate tuition basis.

All necessary course materials, which may include, but not limited to, an electronic tablet or laptop, textbooks, e-books, supplies, and printing costs necessary to meet minimum course requirements, which include portfolio production are included at no additional cost to the student. Tuition rates do not include: the costs of a registration and graduation fees; or costs for fees required for participating in optional extracurricular activities, such as student organizations and activities.

The following tuition rates are effective June 1, 2017.

Tuition Rates

Per Credit Hour (Associate Degree Programs) $545.00
Per Credit Hour (Direct-Entry Bachelor Degree Programs) $565.00
Per Credit Hour (Post-Associate Bachelor Degree Programs) $595.00
College Preparation Course (includes textbooks) $550.00


Registration Fee (Associate Degree and Direct-Entry Bachelor Degree Programs) $125.00
Registration Fee (Post-Associate Bachelor Degree Programs) $25.00
Graduation Fee (assessed in last trimester, whether or not student attends graduation ceremonies) $225.00
Portfolio Design and Presentation Course (if taken alone) $250.00
Withdrawal Fee (assessed if student withdraws from the college) $125.00