Educational Costs

Guaranteed Tuition Rate

Wade College recognizes that good financial planning is required on the part of parents and students to meet educational expenses over the course of the student’s enrollment.  In support of this need, Wade College guarantees students that they will not encounter a tuition rate increase in any of the first four trimesters of their Associate of Arts degree program, in any of the first four trimesters of their Post-AA Bachelor of Arts degree program, and in any of the first eight trimesters of their Direct-Entry Bachelor of Arts degree program.  This policy of no tuition rate increases after entry allows students to closely estimate educational costs during the financial planning process. Any student taking more than the normal time for degree completion will be charged the current tuition rate for each additional trimester of study. If a student withdraws and is later readmitted, the current tuition rate will be assessed for each remaining trimester.

Extended Payment Plans for Financial Aid Recipients

To ease the burden of college costs, Wade College offers a variety of individual payment options for expenses not paid for by federal student financial aid, veteran benefits, scholarships, state programs, and/or institutional loans.  Extended payment plans on estimated remaining balances allow students and their families to spread some costs over the student’s enrollment period, in monthly installments.  Detailed information on a monthly payment plan is contained in the Wade College Student Financial Plan developed by the Office of the Director of Financial Services and is administered by a third-party agency.  While the student is enrolled, the extended payment plans incur no interest charges.  Payments are due by the payment deadline; late payments may be subject to penalties.

Institutional Charges

Tuition rates are assessed on a per credit-hour basis, except for college preparation courses which are assessed on a flat-rate tuition basis. Tuition rates include all necessary course materials, which may include, but not limited to, an electronic tablet, textbooks, e-books, supplies, and printing costs necessary to meet minimum course requirements, which include portfolio production. Tuition rates do not include: the costs of a graduating student’s cap and gown required for commencement ceremonies; or costs for fees required for participating in optional extracurricular activities, such as student organizations and activities. The following tuition rates are effective July 1, 2016.

Tuition Rates
 Per Credit Hour (Associate of Arts Degree Program)$535.00
 Per Credit Hour (Bachelor of Arts Degree Program)$590.00
 Per Credit Hour (Direct-Entry Bachelor of Arts Degree Program)$560.00
 College Preparation Course (includes textbooks)$550.00
 Registration Fee (Associate of Arts Degree and Direct-Entry Bachelor of Arts Degree Programs)$125.00
 Application Fee (Post-AA Bachelor of Arts Degree Program)$25.00
 Graduation Fee (assessed in last trimester, whether or not student attends graduation ceremonies)$225.00
 Withdrawal Fee (assessed if student withdraws from the college)$125.00

Tuition and Fee Costs

Investing in a program of study at Wade College can provide a student with a lifetime of opportunities. Full-time students take a minimum of 12 credit hours per trimester.  Course loads depend on the area of study, trimester, and whether the student has transferred in credit for courses taken previously or concurrently at institutions of higher education. The following provides the approximate costs for a student to attend and earn the Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Merchandising and Design at Wade College:

Associate of Arts degree in Merchandising and Design  
 Total Credit Hours 60
 Per Credit Hour Tuition Rate$535.00
 Tuition (assumes no transfer credit)$32,100.00
 Graduation Fee (assessed in last trimester)*$225.00
 Registration Fee*$125.00
 Total Approximate Educational Costs without College Preparation Courses$32,450.00


Post-AA Bachelor of Arts degree in Merchandising and Design 
 Total Credit Hours 60
 Per Credit Hour Tuition Rate$590.00
 Tuition (assumes no transfer credit)$35,400.00
 Graduation Fee (assessed in last trimester)*$225.00
 Application Fee*$25.00
 Total Approximate Educational Costs $35,650.00


Direct-Entry Bachelor of Arts degree in Merchandising and Design
 Total Credit Hours 120
 Per Credit Hour Tuition Rate$560.00
 Tuition (assumes no transfer credit)$67,20000
 Graduation Fee (assessed in last trimester)*$225.00
 Registration Fee*$125.00
 Total Approximate Educational Costs without College Preparation Courses$67,550.00

*With the exception of tuition rates (see Guaranteed Tuition Rate above), all institutional charges are subject to change.

Repeated Courses

Students may retake a course by registering for the course and paying tuition for that course again.  Tuition is charged for repeated courses at the applicable tuition rates; students applying for federal student financial aid to pay the educational costs of repeated courses will be subject to additional federal student financial aid regulations. Please contact the Office of the Director of Financial Services for more information.

Baccalaureate Students on Admission Appeal

Matriculating students who are granted conditional acceptance into the Post-AA Bachelor of Arts degree program based upon an Admissions Appeal will be assessed the then current baccalaureate-level per credit hour tuition rate for any associate-level course(s) being repeated to meet the minimum cumulative grade point average admission requirement. 

Trimester Payment Plan for Non-Financial Aid Recipients

Full-time students not using federal student financial aid must use the trimester payment plan for the trimester cost of tuition and fees. Full payment of tuition and fees is due by the payment deadline (usually the student’s registration date).  Please contact the Office of the President for the option to pay by installment.  Paying by installment will incur additional fees.

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