Rio Ritz Boutique is Now Open
Dallas Observer
Uptown welcomed trendy and affordable women's boutique, Rio Ritz, this past weekend. The shop, which is located at 2722 Routh, was created by retail and fashion enthusiast, Thais Moses.....
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The Art of Bowtie
The only thing I like more than fashion is art. And when the two combine, I am in heaven. That would certainly explain my recent love affair with The Art of Bowtie, brainchild of ......
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W.D.M. designer has a flair for the unique
The Des Moines Register
Cody Ritz has a flair for the glitz and glamor that comes with working in the world of beauty pageants. The owner of CLenz Designs in West Des Moines got his start in the fashion world while working for a company that created pro-cheerleader uniforms......
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Painting made easy at Stop-N-Gogh Art Studio
The Monitor
Those who believe they can’t paint due to lack of talent are invited to the Stop-N-Gogh Art Studio in Mabank by its owner Britney Samford.....
View Article: http://themonitor.net/blog2/2015/07/16/painting-made-easy-at-stop-n-gogh-art-studio/
The 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas 2015
D Magazine
You may recognize the Brazilian-born, Dallas-raised beauty from reality TV shows, such as MTV’s Room Raiders or the more recent Courtney Loves Dallas, but there’s far more to this local shop owner, wife, and mother of three than what you saw on the small screen....
View Article: http://interactive.dmagazine.com/content/the-10-most-beautiful-women-in-dallas-2015/thais-moses/

Current student La Marcus Holloway was featured in a PopGoesTheCity article discussing his bowtie line, NeQ Bowties.

Visit: http://popgoesthecity.com/2014/07/14/interview-lamarcus-holloway-designer-of-neq-bow-ties/

Wade College AA and BA Fashion Design students original designs were featured in an amazing show "A Taste of Italy" sponsored by  Central Market. 

Visit: http://www.centralmarket.com/mobile/blog-article.aspx?postid=587&docid=5298

2  Wade College BA students placed in the top 5 winnings for The Little Black Dress Designer fashion show.

Visit: http://dallas.culturemap.com/news/society/06-11-14-little-black-dress-designer-fashion-show-house-blues/

Megan Mckinney, Wade College graduate discusses her feature in The Pin Show, and her future plans for her line.

Visit: http://dfwstyledaily.com/2014/04/17/texas-designer-megan-mckinney-loves-fashion-miranda-lambert-making-trouble/

Current Wade College BA fashion design concentration student Terri Datcher will be competing in Accessories in the Nude Competition Saturday, 3/15!

Visit: dfwstyledaily.com/2014/01/10/accessories-in-the-nude-hits-dallas-march-15th

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